So I’m guessing my special love for moms and sons is because a little boy first made me a mother. I just couldn’t even handle how much I loved him sometimes and it still hits me right in the heart  – even as I sit here and type this. He is eight now and, as he likes to remind me often, definitely not a baby anymore. While I do have oh so many pictures of him as a chubby little baby, I really only have one good one of the two of us together. Don’t be like me – schedule a session with a photographer or just find a way to get yourself in the picture!

Maybe that’s why I had so much fun at this session – just a mom and her scrappy little man. The love and connection was obvious from the get-go, even though he certainly did NOT want to have his picture taken. We made it fun – tickles, running, climbing, joke-telling, and even a little bike riding. In the end, we all had a blast and the images were just beautiful. Thank you to these two for reminding me why I love to do this whole photography thing!