I don’t know about you but we are VERY ready for summer around here. We finish school Friday and head to the beach on Saturday to relax and get the summer started. Hopefully you all have some exciting summer plans as well – whether to the beach, to see family, take a road trip or just have some lazy days at home (because we plan to be plenty lazy too!).

A good friend recently shared an article with me about how we only really have 18 summers with our kids. (Read the original article here – its a good one) … 18 … Seems like so many or so few depending on how well behaved your kids are at this moment. Reading that article reminded me of how fast it all goes – as if I really need a reminder – and of how determined I am to capture all of our adventures so that I can remember the big exciting parts and the little moments in between.

Beach trips are especially fun to document for so many reasons. If you’re headed down the shore, here’s a few reminders of what to capture whether you use a fancy camera or just your iPhone. And don’t forget to print them or make photobook after so you can all reminisce for years to come!

1. The Action:

Snap some shots as they ride the waves on the boogie board or try surfing for the first time. Even if they wipe out, the kids will love seeing themselves in action.



2. The Details:

These are so easy to forget so don’t miss out on a chance to capture their little hands holding a shell or the sun-kissed highlights of their summer hair.


3. The Scale:

As one of many families living in the suburbs, its only at the beach that we can really see the sky unencumbered by buildings or trees or cell phone towers. Capture that wide open space and your seemingly tiny little ones exploring it.



4. The Close-Up:

What better time to document those little faces!


5. The Inevitable Beach Naps: need I say more?


6. You! Get in the picture!

Even if it means handing your fancy expensive camera to a family member who takes a fuzzy slightly out of focus shot. Because you were there too!


Then go ahead and put the camera away. Relax and maybe take a nice beach nap yourself.