Well, friends, families and future friends, I am officially launching myself into the photography world as Maggie McC (pronounced like mc-SEE) Photography. In addition to my pancake-flipping skills, I can now add lifestyle photographer to my skill set. I use the natural light around us that streams in from big windows or between the branches of a cherry blossom tree to illuminate the beauty of families and kids just as they are. I truly believe that the moments – simple or extraordinary – deserve to be preserved.

MaggieMcC.com is up with all the details you need to know and I’m guessing you’ll spot some familiar faces in there as well. You can view my growing portfolio here but here’s a sneak peek for now.


This is all incredibly exciting and just a little bit terrifying … but in a good way. I have loved capturing the joy (and chaos) of my own life and treasure the friends and family who have let me into their lives to document their stories as well. I hope to be able to do that for many more families in the future.

So take a minute or two. Explore MaggieMcC.com. Check out my Facebook page. Have a look at my Instagram. And please, spread the word!

My little ones (and I ) thank you!