There are so many things to look forward to about spring – the warmer weather, the flowers, the grass, the longer days. I am very much ready for the end of this winter so my kids can get outside to play and so I can get outside to capture it! Spring also means First Communion sessions. The beautiful white dresses and the handsome little suits must be captured and treasured to mark this momentous day. So here’s a few First Communion Photography tips to make sure that day and that moment are joyfully documented:

1. Schedule a session before the big day.

If you can, do a test run before the big day. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, set some time aside one quiet Saturday morning to let your little first communicant get all dolled up in their suit or dress. Go outside (somewhere without mud of course!) and let them twirl around or give you a little “blue steel” pose. Capture their excitement without the added pressure of everyone watching them. Sometimes the morning of First Communion is a little bit hectic and some kids feel too nervous or anxious to enjoy it. As a bonus, you’ll have images that you can print in time for the celebratory party or lunch after Mass.

2. Remember those details!

Gather up that special rosary or family Bible for those images too. I love when kids bring something special with them to a session. When I call their attention to that item, they immediately relax and forget that I’m there. I also love to capture little details like the curls in hair, the fancy shoes, or the lace on a dress. Don’t be afraid to get in close and capture those little things.

3. Go Outside.

Many parishes offer indoor studio portraits on the day of First Communion. These are beautiful, traditional, posed portraits and I certainly wouldn’t steer anyone away from purchasing those. However, as a lifestyle photographer, I am drawn to create images that show the authenticity of a moment and the personality of the subject. I suggest taking your little one outside where they have space to move and be themselves. Is she wearing a big fluffy dress? Then go ahead a twirl! They are only 7 after all!

4. Print those pictures.

I am so guilty of leaving my images on my hard drive for weeks, even months, before getting them printed! So, don’t be like me. Print out some of your favorites – use them for decorations at the party or lunch, send them to grandma and grandpa, or even use them as Thank You cards for any First Communion gifts your little one may receive. My personal favorites are these Flush Mount Prints from Zno. We used these as Thank You’s for my son’s First Communion and I still see them displayed at each of his grandparents’ homes to this day.

If you’re interested in booking a First Communion session with me, let’s get you on the calendar soon before it fills up! Email me at today!